West New York Deserves a Town That Works
I am running for Town Commissioner because West New York deserves a town that works.

After several years of strife, West New York is yearning for a breath of fresh air, a voice of reason, and an advocate for our most vulnerable. West New deserves less of the constant infighting, which only hurts our ability to deliver quality services to our residents. We need leaders who can bring the town together by listening well, staying humble, and being fearless in our advocacy for the physical and economic well-being of our town's residents.

We need a town that works again, and I can get us back on track.

Born in Hudson County (Secaucus), I come from a family with humble roots and have benefitted immensely from the hard-work of my parents who worked multiple jobs to allow my siblings and I to grow up middle-class. My mother worked as a seamstress in the Garment District, a cashier for a convenience store in Penn Station, and as a mortgage processing clerk for a big bank that flopped leading up to the 2009 Recession.

I worked my way through school. In high school, I sold shoes at Modell's Sporting Goods. In college at Columbia University, I worked as an IT consultant fixing computers across campus. After college, I became a union organizer where I fought for low-income public and private sector workers to be treated with dignity in the workplace and to secure better economic benefits so they can take care of their families. These experiences constantly working and helping workers gave me a deep appreciation for the thoughtfulness and patience required to deliver excellent services for our elderly, youth, workers, businesses, and homeowners. These perspectives deeply shape my perspective as a candidate for Town Commissioner.

Before and during law school, I helped build two technology companies with a few friends. As an attorney, I have helped low-income taxpayers resolve indebtedness with the IRS, assisted refugees settling into the United States, advocated for undocumented workers to get municipal IDs (including a current effort to obtain state-issued driver's licenses), and have counseled non-profit organizations with buildling affordable housing and youth-focused community centers. I have also assisted large multi-national corporations with conducting business all across the United States, so I understand the importance of being able to understand and rely upon local regulations and the importance of having a backbone as a community leader.

I have the backbone West New York deserves.

In town, I serve on the Planning Board and chair my homeowners' association.

I have the experiences serving and leading that can help our government work together as progressive advocates and administrators for the Town of West New York.

I will make West New York a Town That Works.

Adil Ahmed for West New York Democrat for West New York Commissioner (NJ)
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