Donate to Affordable Homes Now San Francisco to make housing more affordable
Affordable Homes Now San Francisco is a new ballot measure that will make it faster and easier to build new homes in San Francisco that are affordable to low and middle income San Franciscans, public school teachers, and others who work in public schools or at community colleges.

By streamlining the permitting and approval process, it becomes faster and easier to build affordable and middle-income housing for our lower and middle income workers such as teachers, nurses, firefighters, small business owners, nonprofit workers, and others.

This November, your vote will enable more families to live in our great city.

Contributions are not tax-deductible. Affordable Homes Now San Francisco is a primarily formed ballot measure committee supporting a city charter amendment to qualify for the November 2022 ballot which would streamline review of affordable housing in San Francisco. The committee may accept contributions of any amount from individuals, corporations, labor unions, PACs, etc., but may not accept contributions from foreign nationals or foreign governments. Contributors must make contributions with their own funds and not from funds provided by another person for the purpose of making the contribution unless the true source is disclosed to the committee.

Paid for by Affordable Homes Now San Francisco. Committee major funding from: 1. John Wolthuis ($200,000), 2. Garry Tan ($100,000), 3. Jeremy Stoppelman ($100,000). Financial disclosures are available at sfethics.org.

Affordable Homes Now San Francisco For contributions of $1,000 and up, please mail a check to:
Affordable Homes Now San Francisco
c/o View Avenue Group LLC
393 7th Avenue, Suite 301
San Francisco, CA 94118