The Committee to Elect Amanda Maris
Please consider supporting Judge Maris in her campaign to remain on the district court bench in Durham, North Carolina with a donation today.

Since 2017, she has worked tirelessly to ensure the fair administration of justice both for the parties who come before her in the courtroom each day and across the justice system as a whole. In her first year as a judge in 2018, she co-founded an innovative court program that has become a model for other jurisdictions. The DEAR (Durham Expunction and Restoration) Program has dramatically increased access to second chances in life (housing, education, employment) through the provision of free legal services to include expunctions and driver’s license restoration efforts.

When you contribute to Judge Maris's re-election campaign, you also contribute to her efforts to improve the justice system and to see all parties given the respect they deserve and the access to the courts they need. Judge Maris knows that each case matters and every court decision impacts lives, families and communities. Please visit her campaign website at: www.judgeamandamaris.com to learn more and make a contribution to her campaign today with a donation amount that is right for you. Thank you!
Amanda Maris
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