Moving Syracuse FORWARD!
It's time to give the 2nd District a 2nd Chance!

For too long, Syracuse has been controlled by a single party. Even more troubling is the fact that power, wealth, and opportunity have been concentrated in the hands of a few. Entire groups in our community have been left behind--their voices haven't been heard and their needs haven't been met. It's time for a change. I am running for Common Council because I believe we can serve our people better and we have the power to make Syracuse a city where everyone has the means and opportunities to succeed!

In Syracuse, we have crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, and segregated neighborhoods. While these are great problems facing our city, we should also look to these as opportunities to improve our city and make our local government more inclusive and democratic. It is not enough to just address these issues in the same way we have in the past. We must be forward looking and provide avenues for our city to be more equitable. Only then can we have a city that we can all be proud of.

One reason I am running is to address the infrastructure problems our city faces. I have successfully worked on the development and implementation of many large-scale, international infrastructure projects. While my focus was on Environmental Protection, I worked with project teams throughout the project life cycle. This allowed me to not only address environmental concerns, but to ensure these projects were adequately and equitably addressing socio-economic aspect as well. Part of my responsibility was ensuring the inclusion of marginalized populations who would be affected by these projects and giving them, as well as all stakeholders, the opportunity to participate in the project process. Providing these communities with the resources needed and a seat at the decision-making table allowed these groups to empower themselves and their communities. This made sure projects were successful and weren't only looking to benefit big money interests.

It is time that our city residents, from all neighborhoods, took back their government. Especially in the 2nd District, it it vital that we are not only looking to enhance life for those living in the "right" neighborhoods or with the "right" last name, but for all who live here. Let's move Syracuse Forward, together!

I hope you'll join me in achieving this goal.
Bill Bass Green for Syracuse Common Council (NY)
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