Brian Morgan for Hilliard School Board
Brian Morgan is a father, husband, and Juvenile Prosecutor. He and his wife, Nicole, live in Hilliard City Schools with their son Mateo. Not only that, he works to improve the lives and safety of children every day in his job. Brian and Nicole moved into Hilliard City Schools over a decade ago. They believed that Hilliard would be a great place to raise their young family. They decided to raise their family in the Hilliard City Schools because the excellent and renowned school system would give their son the best opportunities to pursue his dreams. After settling in Hilliard City Schools, Brian wanted to do more to give back to the children of Hilliard and decided to run for the Hilliard City Schools Board of Education.

Brian’s top issues for School Board are safety, improved communication, and improving career prospects. It is tantamount to him that the children of Hilliard are able to feel safe, so they can focus on their education. His tenure would include a vast expansion and improvement in communication between the School Board and the community. Brian’s career path was unique, and he wants every child to be able to know there’s always a path to their dreams. Brian believes his experience and his focus on communication will make Hilliard City Schools a better place for a child to learn.
Brian Morgan for Hilliard City School Board (OH)