Clean Energy for America Advisory Council
CE4A is a 501c(4) organization that leverages the unique industry-spanning network built through Clean Energy for Biden to amplify the voice of the clean energy workforce to advocate for just, equitable and rapid decarbonization. CE4A is historic. The clean energy industry has never before been unified in a grassroots effort like this.

CE4A is laying the groundwork for a stronger clean energy workforce through:

Policy Advocacy & Accountability
- Supporting the Biden Administration’s clean energy and equitable transition goals while holding Members of Congress accountable for their votes.

Public Education
- Hosting events—both in person and virtual—to educate the public, connect the industry, and elevate the voice of the clean energy sector.

Mobilize and Grow
- Mobilize and grow the CE4A network to empower local leaders to take action in their community.

Your early support will help us achieve lasting change through durable clean energy policy victories across the country.
Clean Energy for America Inc.