My name is Charles Belle--and I'm a San Francisco native now raising my family here. I'm a son, husband, and father. I'm an attorney, a published public policy analyst, and the leader of a non-profit studies democracy and its most important public function--elections. But I'm also a neighbor, tenant, and customer of the community that we call District 3. I was raised here...and I still call it home.

I don't want to fix San Francisco. I want to change it. We need civic leadership focused on public policy that prioritizes families, communities that act like families, and the small businesses that are part of our neighborhood "families". We must elect information-literate leaders prepared to face the challenges of COVID-19 on our economy and civic life who will show us how to move forward together. And it's time that City Hall demonstrates cooperative stewardship that serves our entire city over just championing for individual communities.

Before COVID-19, San Francisco's fractures threatened our city's future. Now, we can no longer ignore that business as usual cannot fix what is broken. I am asking for your vote and support to change everything about how San Francisco works to save everything about San Francisco we love.

Every dollar helps. A lot. And at a time when so many of us are uncertain about what the future holds, I promise to make your donation matter today--and every day as your District 3 supervisor after November 3, 2020.

Thank you for your support.
Charles Belle San Francisco Supervisor