Our Voice, Our City, Our Vote
As a native of Orange County, I have, and always will consider Florida my home. As I've grown into my adult life, I've solidified my role as a contributor to our great community not only as a worker, but as a student. All the while, I've immersed myself in my true passion: providing opportunities for change, progress, and advancement for my community through the political sector.

The struggles of entrapment that the poor, disenfranchised people of our communities face. I've seen the issues of over-policing, unaffordable housing, and subpar-quality schooling destroys the lives and opportunities of our youth and their families. I've watched as officials disregard the health, safety, and concerns of the working class. Our community continues misrepresented under-funded and devalued in the social, economic, and political realms.

I can not sit and watch this disservice no longer. We will not sit back and watch as our communities are further displaced by people who go to Tallahassee for their own personal and political gain. Our future and the future of the coming generations depends on our ability to face and dismantle the issues that have plagued our past and impede our present path. I am committed to improving the lives of those within my community and those in this great state that I continue to call home.

So come with me on this journey to reshape our great state for the better. Not just for some of us, but for everyone. Come with me, as we demand and facilitate:

  • A voice at the table for the younger generation
  • Rights for the middle class and the working poor
  • Protected rights for women's health and safety
  • A sensible approach to much-needed justice reform
  • A requirement for better wages, affordable housing, and fair educational resources
  • Expansion of affordable health care for all Floridians
  • Policies and practices that establish a more green and sustainable Florida

Come with me and add your voice to the community of voices committed to ensuring that Florida now, be a Florida for all.
Charles Law Jr Democrat for FL State Senate (11)
$300 raised from 3 donations
6% of $5,000 goal