Chris Cruz for Upland School Board 2022
During my career working in the legal profession, I have advocated for students and their families to ensure they have the best access to a quality education as well as health and support services. Having attended Upland schools from kindergarten through my graduation from Upland High School as valedictorian, I know firsthand the challenges that students and families face.

I will work alongside families, teachers, and staff members to ensure that our students have opportunities in STEM & Career Technical Training, Dual Language Immersion, and increase all student’s college readiness. Fiscal management and safety at all our Upland Schools will also be a priority. I will be committed to our students and families if elected to the Upland School Board.

My past efforts include:

Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative, Student Attorney: Worked as student attorney to provide representation to families of children with disabilities.

Public Counsel, Legal Intern: Focused on cases demanding greater funding and resources for schools.

Harvard Law School, Teaching Fellow: Co-taught course on child advocacy

Highlander Educational Foundation, Board Member: Helped raise and provide funding to educational programs throughout our Upland Unified School District.

PTA, Volunteer: Auditor for the Upland High School PTA.

It is because of the opportunities that Upland schools gave me that I was able to continue my education at Harvard University and pursue a career in the legal profession. I want the next generation of Upland students to have even greater opportunities than I had when I was a student in the district.

I understand the challenges that students face today are unlike those of previous generations. Nonetheless, I believe that with the right leadership and community input, we can prepare our children to succeed in the world today.

I ask for your vote and support as we work together to advocate for our children.
Chris Cruz