Vote 4 Darlene B. Weaver
I am a wife to the best husband on this side of heaven. I am the mother of twins, the baby sister to four older siblings and a good friend to many.

I was born and raised in Richmond, Ca. I graduated from Texas Southern University, with a degree in Psychology and a minor in early childhood development.

I’ve been the owner of a successful Real Estate firm in East Contra Costa county for the past 20 years. I’ve lived in the Discovery Bay area for the past 12 years and have really found a sense of community here. I am a member of the Power Church, where not only am I a devoted member, I am also very actively involved in several community outreach programs-including the Brentwood Food outreach program, where I volunteer every Friday, My life's passion is to be of service.

I am running for a school board seat to help students who are underrepresented, the teachers who need support and the parents whose voices are not being heard. I will be here to help bridge the gap, and to help restore trust in our public school system. My focus is to bring back the unity that can help heal our community. I want fairness and equality for all students, so that they feel safe, both physically and emotionally-that way, they can receive the excellent education that they deserve.

Statistics show that distant learning has caused our students to digress, with the pandemic having negatively affected our students' learning progress. It is our job to ensure that our students get back on track. We must continue to provide the resources that our children need, in order to get them back up to speed and to bridge the gap that distance learning has created. It is essential to their overall well being. We must foster an environment that is conducive to our students' learning.

I plan to be a true voice for both student and teacher. I want to bring more counselors and mental health professionals to our campuses, so our students feel safe and supported. I will make sure that the concerns of our community are listened to, validated and addressed. I want to establish responsive channels of communication between students, teachers, parents and school board members, in order to actively provide solutions to any and all problems that arise.

I believe in honesty and transparency when it comes to the decisions made about our children. I plan to establish trust in our community, by seeking out the needs of my constituents, prior to the vote. My plan is to make decisions that will benefit our entire student body, so that everyone feels included.
Darlene Weaver