Dan Ronca for Judge in Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas
Dan Ronca for Judge is a committee supporting Daniel G. Ronca’s run for Judge in the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County. Dan believes that public service is a calling. He believes that for the legal system to work as it should, those who serve as judges must know and understand the people of the County and possess the legal and life experiences which are necessary to administer justice fairly. He will be ready from day one to take the bench based upon 36 years of legal experience with extensive trial experience as a criminal prosecutor, as a civil litigation attorney, and as a family law lawyer. He routinely serves as an arbitrator, mediator, and parenting coordinator in family law matters. He has twice received the highest recommendation from the Montgomery County Bar Association.

Dan was born and raised and has lived and worked in Montgomery County nearly all his life and has also been a committed and active member of the local Democratic party. Dan is a husband, father of three, and an involved and committed member of the community. Dan has the experience and integrity which will allow him to serve the people of Montgomery County as Judge effectively. Please join us in supporting Dan Ronca for Judge in Montgomery County. To learn more about Dan, please visit www.danroncaforjudge.com
Dan Ronca