Together we can! With Ellen as Town Supervisor we are driving vibrancy, sustainability, and resiliency for our historic town. Re-elect Ellen and keep moving Bedford forward.
As a community organizer, former attorney, and mother, Ellen is acutely aware of the challenges we face and has the skills and experience to tackle them. She has worked her entire career to build community and improve conditions for people where she lives.

And she knows how to get things done in Bedford.

As Bedford Town Supervisor, Ellen has been tackling some of our pressing issues including wireless service, critical water and wastewater infrastructure, economic vibrancy, traffic safety, energy waste, wellness and drug abuse prevention, resident access to inclusive resources, and more.

Ellen believes in the power of us! Together we can ensure reliable services, public safety, vibrant institutions, and economic vitality in our town. With Ellen’s experience, empathy and track record, she will continue to strengthen our hamlets, stay under the tax cap, and create healthy, forward thinking, environmentally sound policies. These policies will provide cleaner water and air while conserving energy, ensuring economic growth, and creating the inclusive, welcoming Bedford we can all be proud of. When we work together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.

Please consider making a donation to help get Ellen re-elected by clicking above, or you may mail a check to Friends of Ellen Calves c/o Treasurer Susan Sweeney, 149 Allison Rd, Katonah, NY 10536.

Thank you!

For more information please visit https://www.ellencalves.com
Ellen Calves Re-elect Democrat for Bedford Town Supervisor (NY)