Together we can! - A fresh approach for a historic community "Bedford"

New ideas for our historic Bedford! When we work together there is nothing we can not accomplish.

The Power of Us! A Fresh Approach for Historic Bedford

As a community organizer, former attorney, and mother I am acutely aware of the challenges that Bedford faces. I have worked my entire career to build community and improve conditions for people where I live, and I intend to expand those efforts when I am elected as a member of the Town Board of Bedford. My work as the program director of Bedford 2020 - a non-partisan, community-based organization that promotes a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of a sustainable, resource-conserving community - has prepared me for this undertaking.  

Vital, active, and inviting community - that is what Bedford means to people, and that is why I am running for a seat on the Town Board. I believe in the power of "us"; Together we can ensure reliable services, public safety, vibrant institutions, and economic vitality in our town. With my experience, empathy and track record of execution, I am committed to strengthen our hamlets, stay under the tax cap, and create healthy, forward thinking, environmentally sound policies. These policies will provide cleaner water and air while conserving energy, ensuring economic growth, and creating the inclusive, welcoming Bedford we can all be proud of.  When we work together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.


Ellen Calves Democrat for Bedford Town Board (NY)
$3,995 raised from 34 donations
66% of $6,000 goal