First of the First Relief Fund
Helping ensure everyone can come home for Outbound Hope - Season 2

We all know someone for whom Outbound Hope was a financial stretch.

With registration for Season 2 around the corner, a few of us thought it would be nice if we could put together a fund to help ensure that everyone from Week 1 who wants to return for Season 2 can do so.

Please be as generous as you are able; our hope is that money will not be the reason that someone is not able to return to the Dawn next fall.

If you want to read a bit more about the mechanics involved,click here for a primer on How the Fund Works including FAQs.

Please note: All processing fees are being donated by Democracy Engine in support of this effort, so literally every penny you contribute will go to the Fund. No donation is too small to be of assistance.

OHM - First of the First Relief Fund
$1,395 raised from 11 pledges and donations
27% of $5,000 goal