Support Our Efforts to Advocate for Adequate Funding for Klein ISD!
Dear Fellow Klein ISD Supporter,

For years, the state of Texas has not adequately funded public education in the state, continually reducing the amount of funding available for school districts. Additionally, as local property values rise, state funding for our district decreases. Something must be done to provide necessary funding to maintain the high quality education provided by Klein ISD.

Friends of Klein ISD is a group of community members who believe Klein ISD has practiced and continues to practice sound fiscal management. We know that to increase the safety of our students, to support school district employees, and to maintain the high quality of education the district provides to students while experiencing continued growth, more funding is required. We stand in support of a tax ratification election (TRE) should the district leadership call one in the future.

Our committee is currently soliciting contributions to support a potential pro-TRE campaign. Donations will be used for printing, production and postage costs associated with a full marketing campaign including brochures, postcards, yard signs and development of other media efforts to support the passage of this urgently needed initiative for our students.

Strong community support is required to ensure the success of the Klein ISD vision that every student enters with a promise and exits with a purpose. Join us in supporting the Klein ISD community.

Prefer to send a check? Please make checks payable to Friends of Klein ISD and mail to:

Friends of Klein ISD

Attn: Bill Pilkington, Treasurer

6046 FM 2920, Suite 645

Klein, TX 77379

Thank you for your support in our efforts to ensure that great things continue to happen in Klein ISD!

Friends of Klein ISD Local PAC
$6,300 raised from 36 pledges and donations
12% of $50,000 goal