The Power Belongs to the People
For decades the state government has been giving our local tax dollars away through the Industrial Tax Exemption Program, or ITEP. An unaccountable state board exempted big companies from paying LOCAL property tax regardless of what the local community wanted. Now, thanks to Governor John Bel Edwards, the power to grant these tax breaks has been returned to the local communities they affect.

If the conversation is about tax money the conversation should involve taxpayers. Unfortunately, in Calcasieu Parish, our local governments have sided with lobbyists and industry with NO PUBLIC INPUT. The most recent example saw the Police Jury give away $2 billion with no say from us, you know, the taxpayers. I am considering running for Calcasieu Parish Police Jury District 13 to be a voice for transparency and the taxpayers who should have a say before our government gives ANYTHING away.
Georgina Graves Democrat for Calcasieu Parish Police Jury (LA)
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