Your Neighbor on the School Board.
Dear Neighbors,

This campaign started just over six months ago but my love for schools is years in the making. It started with my teaching career and continued when our family chose our neighborhood school six years ago. When we did that, we found so much more than a school. We found fellowship, friendship, and a greater connection to our neighborhood. For six years my daughter was greatly loved and well-taught and I was able to share my experience and skills as an educator and trusted to advocate, communicate, and organize on behalf of our school community.

Every St. Paul family should feel valued and trusted as partners in their child’s education and confident that their child is well-taught and well-cared-for no matter who they are or where they are in SPPS. I’m running to support and lead systems, process, and culture changes that make it easier for families to become informed, trusted, and effective education advocates for their children and their communities. I’m also running to use what I know as a parent, educator, school-based advocate, and community organizer to review and advance policies and priorities that support students, families, and educators and build strong, smart, and sustainable relationships with the many community partners and organizations that help SPPS thrive.

My love for Saint Paul Schools and the people who work and learn together in them is deep and my personal and professional experience has prepared me to serve our learning communities with skill, compassion, and energy. I’m ready to do this work but have to get elected first and running a citywide campaign is no joke. We’ve set an ambitious voter contact goal and we need your help to reach it. School board is too important not to engage as many neighbors as possible. Together, we can do that. Your contribution in any amount - $10, $25, $100 -pays for yard signs, campaign literature, postage, and allows us to host small events in communities across Saint Paul as we make our way towards November 5th. Our online fundraising goal is $6,000 and this small, spunky campaign would love to have your help reaching it!

With thanks and in partnership,
Jessica4StPaulSchools Democrat for St. Paul School Board (MN)
$4,411 raised from 82 pledges and donations
73% of $6,000 goal