Activist For An Equitable Philly, Joe Cox For City Council At Large
Activist For an Equitable Philadelphia

“You have seen me fight for your rights in the streets. Let me fight in city council for you!”

Joe Cox is a Philadelphia activist who has fought strong in the streets for those who are in most need of our city. He is the founder of PMA Bike Ride, an organization where people deliver Pizza around the city of Philadelphia to the hungry. He has fought in the streets with Occupy ICE PHL to end the PARS agreement which allowed Philadelphia ICE to arrest the most undocumented immigrants without a criminal record of any ICE facility in the country. He works with activists around the city to make vital changes through direct action, and now he needs your help to bring these kinds of changes to city council.

His main priorities are bringing police accountability by ending stop and frisk and pressuring elected officials to charge officers when they are out of line, legalizing marijuana, and ending the school to prison pipeline in our city.

He is a champion for cyclist rights. Riding his bike 60 hours a week, he wants cyclists to feel safe, promising more separated bike lanes and keeping drivers out of the bike lanes like they are supposed to. Too many cyclists have died in the past few years due to unsafe conditions on the streets. This needs to change.

He wants to provide better low income housing options and get PHA out of real estate developers pockets. PHA currently is in possession of 14000 homes that are boarded up and off the market. He wants PHA to allocate its low income housing budget to fix them up and offer them on the market. More homes available means lower rent prices for citizens of Philadelphia. Lower rent will increase the amount of money local citizens can spend on goods that they need and better our local economy. There are more empty homes owned by PHA than there are people homeless and Philadelphia could have saved 300 lives last year by providing the homeless with a place to live and a sliding scale rent. Too many lives have been lost each year and Joe wants to protect our citizens and hold its government accountable for the lives living here. He also wants there to be rent control. We are one of the largest cities without it. It hurts and displaces our cities families when our cost of living continues to increase.

Joe wants to make sure all neighborhoods are being prioritized in the budget, not just high traffic tourist destinations. He will provide trash cans and recycling cans at all street corners, push the sugary beverage tax back to the schools, and repair the streets and sidewalks across the city, not just in high income neighborhoods. He wants public restrooms at all parks and transit stations. More public restrooms, including showers means a cleaner city, leaving visitors and residents happier when they don’t smell urine in the subway. Showers would make life happier and healthier for homeless citizens, and aid them in finding better employment. He wants to bring affordable healthcare to all citizens, increase funding to low cost clinics and encourage Harrisburg and Washington to provide universal health care for all. A healthy and clean city means happier residents, harder workers, more tourists, and a more equitable Philadelphia.

Contributions will go directly towards covering campaign costs, including paying campaign workers, marketing materials, events, and fees for the campaign.
Joe Cox Green for Philadelphia City Council (PA)
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