Citizens Over Business
Hi, I'm Jon and I'm running for Allen City Council Place 6. I hope that after learning about me, you'll understand how important it is to contribute to my campaign. While my website expands on my ideas/philosophy/plans, I'll try to be brief here.

I will represent the interests of citizens over the interest of businesses. Developers need to earn a "yes" and proactively involve citizens.

I will review how the council communicates with residents and work to make council votes and decisions more accessible to busy - working people. I will work to push the council to proactively involve citizens regarding new large scale developments.

I will advocate for our city employees, especially police and fire, to receive competitive compensation that aligns with North Texas salary surveys.

Once elected, I'll continue to communicate with you about issues you care about. I'll seek out your perspective and expertise. Before I take a vote, we'll discuss it. We may even debate about it. Sometimes I won't have a full perspective of the issue and you'll help me. Sometimes you'll think I'm totally wrong but hear me out. You may not agree with me but you'll know my reasoning and hopefully understand. Most of all, you'll know that I am working for the CITIZENS of Allen and, while we may not agree on everything, you will know your representative is doing his best to represent you and your interests.

Thank you for your time.
Jon Toney for Place 6 Democrat for Allen City Council, Place 6 (TX)