Veteran outsider seeking to make a difference in Colorado and our Country.
The current political landscape is America is by large a disaster. We have politicians doing what they please and supporting bills and practices that don't help the average Americans at all. All they care about is getting those very large donations that in turn help fund a system that works only for the top 1%.

We as Americans have a duty to ensure things like this don't happen. We need politicians who are working for the American people not the bottom line or what's in their bank account. We need more outsiders who can bridge the gap in politics and usher in the age of bipartisan cooperation.

That's why I'm running.

I'm running to help usher in the era of change in our country. Like other veterans before me who have ran and succeeded in obtaining office I feel a sense of duty. A sense of duty to Colorado, America and the American People.

I believe that together we can spark change in our government and in the way the world views us as a country.

So let's do this.



A little about me.

I served in the US Navy for 6 years doing a few different things. I served in a coalition that helped to deter $1.6 Million dollars of cocaine from entering our country. After that I served two tours supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn and Enduring Freedom. I then went on to help provide relief aid to the victims of the 2011 tsunami that hit Japan. After I got out I also tried a few different things trying to find the niche that would help support me and my family. I end up pursuing my degree in Information Technology from SNHU where I am currently enrolled and finishing up.

Currently I work in the energy field as an Electronics Technician. It's a way to support my family while I finish my degree.

I am married to an amazing woman name Cassidy. I have a 4 month old child name Charlotte. We have two dogs names Sable and Harley and we have three cats named Shark (She is a terror :) ), Mystic and Max. We reside in beautiful Grand Junction Colorado.

In my free time I love to cook. i also volunteer for two non-profits.

One called Wings and Warriors. We provide service dogs to Veterans in need as well as people who have disabilities that need service dogs as well.

The other is called Operation Code. We help veterans, and transitioning service members learn how to obtain gainful employment in the technology sector. We do this by providing workshops, meetups, scholarships and other things to help give them an edge in obtaining employment with tech companies.

Why Keith?

So we are to the final part.

Why you should vote for me.

Let me tell you.

You should vote for me because I am an outsider. I have never served in public service before. As such I don't have any ties to any lobbying firms or big companies that only have their bottom lines in view. I am a fresh set of eyes that wants to make change not only in Colorado but in our country as a whole. I feel that my experiences in the military make me a good candidate for office and even though I don't have political experience I still have life experience. I am also just making ends meet, I also struggle like so many Americans in this country. I am one of you. A voice, A voice that want's to be heard. I am also representing less than 10% of the American population as a veteran. We need a voice too.

As we are 2 years away from the next election cycle we have time America.

Time to make changes.

Let's Do it.

Keith Pottratz Democrat for US Federal Senate (CO)
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