Littleton Leadership that Listens
Littleton deserves leadership that listens to its residents, understands the values of its citizens, and has the vision to maintain the historic and suburban nature of the city while adapting to the modern, metropolitan, and inclusive society in which we live. Littleton deserves smart leadership for tomorrow.

I am a father of two young children and a ten-year resident of Littleton. I will continue to lead by example, to bring small-town family values, and the voice of all of Littleton's residents to the Littleton City Council. Littleton needs an innovative vision for the future, balanced with a sense of preserving the important historic character of our community. I want to foster a culture for responsible and community-minded development that provides opportunities for a good jobs, great housing and exciting places to eat, shop and play.

During my first term, the Envision Littleton process has been a great success and we are working on completing the Comprehensive Plan this year. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. City Council set an ambitious agenda and I want to see that agenda through. I introduced the Next Generation Advisory Committee and I look forward to working with this group of young adults to create the future of Littleton. We have a responsibility to our community to preserve the Littleton way of life, protect the clean environment, and cultivate a safe and livable community where all our residents have a chance to succeed. I humbly ask for your support in re-electing me to the Littleton City Council. Thank you!

Kyle Schlachter for Littleton City Council (CO)
$3,653 raised from 40 pledges and donations
36% of $10,000 goal