Li Zhang for Mountain View - the Voice of Neighborhoods
Elect Li Zhang for Mountain View City Council

I decided to run for the Mountain View City Council this November 2022. I'm running primarily because I am concerned about the quality of life in Mountain View. Mountain View is a great place to live and I am proud to have called it home for over 20 years. As a long-time resident, I want to make sure that as the city grows, we have a good quality of life for all residents. New developments should be compatible with existing neighborhoods, the amount of park land should keep up with population growth, and residents should have easy access to goods and services. I want to represent your voices for a balanced growth of our beloved city.

As we come out of the pandemic, we must focus on business recovery, anti-displacement of longtime Mountain View residents, and maintain the City’s outstanding financial position. We still face many challenges such as a strain on our city’s infrastructure including water, traffic congestion and safety, and the growing affordability gap that impacts the socio-economic diversity that makes Mountain View so unique and special.

What do I bring to the council that is different from the others?

I will bring my keen financial acumen and can work with staff to continue the practice of structurally balanced budgets for our city, and a long-term view of the city's finances to ensure continued financial health. I will bring my strong analytical and critical thinking skills as a former research scientist, to provide insights and come up with innovative and pragmatic solutions for the current pressing issues in our city. I will bring my belief in the mission of creating alternative energy resources to improve our planet. I will be committed to strengthening Mountain View’s policies to reduce our carbon footprint and combat climate change. In addition, I will bring my values of equity and inclusion to the City Council to preserve Mountain View as a vibrant and sustainable city for all.

As you know, a campaign of this size takes enormous resources. I would appreciate any support you can provide. No amount is too small. But please keep in mind that Mountain View has a contribution limit of $1,000 per person or organization. I am honored to have your support. To learn more about me and my campaign, please visit: https://www.liformountainview.org/
Li Zhang Please keep in mind that Mountain View has a contribution limit of $1,000 per person or organization.
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