Shanahan for Norwood
My wife and I are proud Norwood residents and have chosen to start our family in this great city. We love that Norwood is a safe city with proud residents and excellent public safety services, shopping, and restaurants.

Norwood is a great city, but it can be better. As you may know, Norwood was under “fiscal watch” for twelve years and has been in “fiscal emergency” for the past two years. There has been some progress made to become financially stable, but not enough. We can do better—and we must.

Our police and fire departments need more support and upgraded equipment, our parks are in disrepair, and our streets are crumbling. In order to survive and create a prosperous city, we need to protect current residents’ investments and attract families to raise their children here. What better way to achieve that than safe, rejuvenated parks and drivable streets?

As councilman, I pledge that I will work to create a safe, clean, and prosperous city. My goals are the following:

  • Work to bring Norwood out of fiscal emergency by leveraging previously untapped resources.
  • Fight for the brave men and women who keep us safe and stand up to reckless attempts to outsource our public safety.
  • Revitalize our city parks to make them safe, enjoyable places for everyone.
  • Work to secure funding to fix our streets.
  • Modernize operations in City Hall by making it easier for residents and businesses to stay informed, pay taxes, file permits, etc.

Norwood has such great potential, but we can’t do this alone. Will you join me in creating a safe, clean, and prosperous community we can be proud of? I am asking you to make a small contribution of $50-$100 now so I can create the campaign infrastructure needed to bring the change we need. Additionally, I am asking you to sign up for campaign updates or to volunteer via my website, www.ShanahanForNorwood.com . The website will also accept your contribution or you can mail a check to Shanahan for Norwood, 3935 S. Madison Ave, Norwood, OH 45212.

I look forward to working with all Norwood residents and businesses to move Norwood forward.
Shanahan for Norwood Democrat for Norwood City Council (OH)
$10,222 raised from 110 pledges and donations
146% of $7,000 goal