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Mia R. Williamson, MBA - Founder of 100 Black Women in Real Estate and Real Chicks Association, a nonprofit outreach organization benefiting Women in Transition and Urban Youth, is a local Real Estate Broker and City Servant. She has contributed to, fully funded and spearheaded, many citywide community events / initiatives in East Orange and several other municipalities throughout Essex County, tirelessly and without hesitation, from her own personal finances and small donations from private citizens and local businesses. Her passion is evident in all she does. You can find Mia Williamson giving out soup and water to displaced constituents at nearby train and bus stations, helping seniors with housing issues, hosting free community breakfast events at the East Orange YMCA, where she is a proud Board Member, or you may regularly find her in supermarket parking lots hiring would be panhandlers to hand out her business or event flyers.

A NJ resident by way of Mount Vernon, NY, Mia Williamson relocated to Essex County with her daughter in 2002. Montclair was her first stop, then East Orange where she not only resides, but is now officially running for First Ward City Council. Her mission is to promote community togetherness, as she is a firm believer in the "It takes a village" way of life and it shows. In 2018 Mia Williamson sent 150 college bound teens from the city of East Orange off to college campuses throughout the country with laundry baskets filled with essential dorm supplies! The Mayor of East Orange, of whom she has worked closely with, along with the Democratic Party Chairman and many city officials personally attended and assisted with supplies distribution and local business owners gave cash / gift cards and smart TVs as door prizes. This "College Campus Kick Off" will be one of her focus points each year to provide some financial relief to parents and students. The inspiration behind this event was her own personal struggle as a single parent of a college student.

She is excited to leverage her resources to help others.

and she's asking YOU to do the same...CAN YOU LEVERAGE YOUR RESOURCES TO HELP MIA?

Now, this challenge is no small feat! Unlike many other candidates, Mia Williamson has instructed the chairperson of the Committee to Elect Mia Williamson, to refuse all monetary support from Real Estate Developers and special interest groups. She wants residents of the First Ward and constituents throughout the City of East Orange, to have FULL CONFIDENCE in her voting decisions IF / WHEN elected to City Council. Because of this, it's going to take lots of friends to stand with Mia to the finish line.

(WE want the WIN!)

Will YOU help Mia with her campaigning efforts?

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