Moving Blue Island Forward:
Randy Heuser for Mayor
Charlette Mitchell-Brown for City Clerk
Tom Hawley for Treasurer
Luis Esparza, Jr for 2nd Ward Alderman
Stephanie Arevalo for 3rd Ward Alderman
Bill Fahenwald for 4th Ward Alderman
Gabe McGee for 5th Ward Alderman
Lauren Trinidad for 6th Ward Alderman
Josh Roll for 7th Ward Alderman
Bob Manthei for District 130 School Board
Taylor Burmeister for District 130 School Board
Alejandro Montes for District 130 School Board
Rachel Heyboer for District 130 School Board
Tanjlisa M.B. Williams for District 218 School Board
Sarah Kaliski-Roll for District 218 School Board

Randy Heuser and the independent Moving Blue Island Forward team have already shown a track record of success in reforming the Blue Island government. Heuser and his team were proponents of the successful referendum questions that downsized the size of the Blue Island City Council as well as creating a special "road fund" to help rebuild critical infrastructure in Blue Island. Randy and his team will continue to build on this record of success to move Blue Island forward.
Moving Blue Island Forward