National Progressive Party
Promoting progressive political change is very expensive with the way our nation's political machine functions. We're up against massive corporations and their well funded lobby efforts. We need your donations to make a difference. We've partnered with Democracy Engine to make it very easy to donate. Your donations are necessary to help cover the costs involved in building NPP into our new major party.

How We Use the Funds

Right now we need to raise funds in order to hire professional organizers in every state in the nation to build state-level progressive parties. Our next important goal is ballot access for progressive candidates for local and state offices, and electing progressives nationwide at the local and state level. Filling local and state seats with progressive minded lawmakers is the foundation needed for true, viable, national strength. The kind of strength needed to support the election of high level national offices: Senators and Presidents. But it make no sense to spend money and effort on those high profile offices without first solidifying a solid base in local and state politics.

Penny Practical

Our approach is one destined to yield real results. We don't need a "virtual convention" with highly paid speakers — we need effective organizing action on the ground at the state and local level. That's the first big step in our journey toward effective and viable change for our nation.

Please join us on our path to a better nation — our ultimate destination is "Best for All."

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