Brian Panella for Judge
With the retirement of The Honorable Stephen G. Baratta, this year will be an important year for Northampton County and our Court system. The individual elected to fill this vacancy will directly impact the people of our community on a daily basis. We need to ensure that the right person is elected. That is why I am formally announcing my candidacy for Judge of the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas.

I am a lifelong Northampton County resident with deep ties to the community. I went to school here, I live here, I practice law here, and I intend to spend the rest of my life here.

Throughout my legal career, I have served the people of Northampton County. I currently serve as the Bethlehem City Council Solicitor, overseeing and reviewing every major decision made in Northampton County’s largest city. I have also represented Northampton Borough, West Easton Borough, North Catasauqua Borough and many other municipalities and agencies, including serving as special counsel for Bethlehem Township. I also played an integral part in the formation and creation of the West Easton Police Department.

I know the importance of our older citizens. I volunteer my time and offer my expertise to the Northampton County Retirees Association as their Solicitor. I am also the current President of the Palmer Kiwanis Club, I represent the Northeast Pennsylvania Lions Service Foundation, and I am a member of the Easton Lions Club.

As Deputy Solicitor for the Agency of Children and Youth, I worked tirelessly to protect the community’s children from abuse. While investigating and pursuing every case, I provided safe places for children to confidently speak out against those that would do them harm. I served as Custody Master for six years in both Northampton and Lehigh Counties. I know what it takes to make the difficult and critical decisions that affect families.

My experience has made me uniquely qualified to serve the people of Northampton County as Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. I have presided over disputes, shielded our community from on-going harm, and worked with communities both large and small. My entire career has focused on public service. Moving forward, I look forward to continuing to serve the community from the bench of the Northampton County Court of Common Pleas.
Brian Panella