Experienced Community Leader
I'm running because Prospect Park deserves a choice in this election to select people committed to serve others. We will celebrate Prospect Park's rich history of 125 years and have a chance to make history in this election."

Paul K. Johnson, MBA is a proven community leader. Upon his move to Prospect Park, he volunteered with the Prospect Park Youth Club and is part of the team to help find sponsors for the organization. Paul later joined the Prospect Park Town Watch to help our community remain safe. He was appointed to the Prospect Park Recreation Board where he served as chairperson in 2018. Paul was part of this team that hosted Community Day and recently the Food & Music Festival.

Paul's community service extends throughout the Delaware Valley. He has coached youth baseball since 1990 and chairs the 12th District Youth Aid Panel to serve as a mentor to underprivileged youth. Paul earned Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Drexel University, worked in sales and marketing for 20 years, and now is a tenured professor at Montgomery County Community College.

Paul lives in the 2nd precinct of Prospect Park with his wife, Ayanna.
Paul K. Johnson Democrat for Prospect Park Borough Council (PA)
$899 raised from 24 pledges and donations
89% of $1,000 goal