Team Marius for the Working Class
While serving as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in southern Africa between 2013 and 2015, I noticed that my new friends and families in my village shared the same concerns on basic human rights, health, education, and social mobility as those back home in Staten Island. Same with the diverse refugees and asylum seekers I had come to know in Paris, where I was studying for my master’s degree. After four years abroad, I was eager to return to my country to help rebuild communities at home in America.

I was born in New York City to Haitian immigrants, initially living in Forest Hills, Queens before moving to Staten Island at 14. Discussions on social justice and human rights supplemented our meals at the dinner table each night of my childhood, and I was brought up with the conviction that economic justice should be for all families regardless of political, racial, or other cultural affiliation.

I am a trained violinist, having studied at the Frank Sinatra High School of the Arts, and I received my Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies and Cultural Anthropology from City College of New York. After earning my Master in International Development degree from the Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs in 2017, I became a New York State Senate Legislative Fellow. While I’ve exhibited my paintings in Paris and New York, I dream of finally publishing my novel and plays on justice. I enjoy reading Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre, and John le Carré.

I wish for families of all political views to have the same privileges that I have had growing up, and the best way for that to happen is to pass laws that eliminate student loan and household debt, to make education and healthcare affordable, and to support blue-collar/working-class jobs and unions.

Republican? Democrat? It doesn’t matter. Running for Congress is a continuation of my humanitarian work. I love everyone. And everyone should be able to live with some measure of peace and comfort.

I support:

  • Medicare for All
  • Green New Deal
  • Federal Jobs Guarantee
  • Laws that will eliminate or significantly reduce household debts, student loan debts, and credit card debts.
Richard-Olivier Marius Democrat for US Federal House (NY)