Campaign to Pass Riverview School District #407 Bonds and Levies
Riverview Schools Committee (RSC) is currently preparing for a bond to be on the ballot in February 2020.

It takes funding to perform a successful public schools bond campaign. In 1990 citizens created Riverview Schools Committee to solicit contributions and conduct the campaign to pass bonds and levies for Riverview School District. State law prohibits school districts from actively promoting the passage of bonds or levies. In addition, school district funds or resources cannot be used to promote the passage of bonds and levies. RSC is funded 100% from donations.

Your contributions are used to fund informational materials and promotional activities. Past campaigns have included yard signs, banners and promotional mail pieces. RSC is 100% volunteer run. Please consider donating to support education in Riverview School District. Please support our goals by endorsing us!

Thank you for your support.

Riverview School District #407 consists of six schools & the Riverview Learning Center located in the cities of Carnation, and Duvall, Washington.

Donations to Riverview Schools Committee are not tax deductible
Riverview Schools Committee Nonprofit
$1,200 raised from 26 pledges and donations
120% of $1,000 goal