Holmes For Norwich
As a resident of Norwich Township, I believe that a good board of trustees must have the trust of the public they serve. Being responsible for the affairs and functions of the township, the board of trustees is tasked with ensuring that our tax dollars are maximized for the benefit of the community while minimizing unnecessary waste.

I chose to live in Norwich just over 3 years ago and have no regrets about the community that I chose. In fact, that is why I am running: to make the community I live in even better for those who will become our neighbors in the near future. We can do better- and we must. Together with a modern perspective on the issues faced by our residents, we can be a model of what successful local government can and should be.

As Trustee, I pledge to work closely with our partners across the local, county, and state governments that we work with to create a safe and prosperous township. My goal is to create a P.A.C.T. with the community which include:

- Planned Growth: Franklin County is expecting a population boom over the next several decades and we need to be prepared to accommodate our new neighbors. By focusing on the infrastructure we provide to you, we can ensure our resources can be adequately used without putting unnecessary strain on our systems. With a new and modern perspective I will bring as trustee, families in the community can be happy knowing they can focus on the issues that matter the most to them such as starting a family, buying a home, or saving for retirement.

- Accountability: Norwich Township has a long standing history of accountability. I want to carry that tradition forward by being open and honest with the residents of Norwich. If you are wondering what my stance is on a certain issue, I am doing my job wrong. My perspective should never be in question. Together we can be a model of what successful local government could and should be.

- Community Engagement: By making it a priority to meet you where you are, I as trustee will ensure your needs are being addressed. I will allow myself to be accountable to those who elected me as well as those who may have not voted for me. We are all neighbors and your needs are just as important as the person next door.

- Transparency: As trustee, I will make it a priority to modernize our communications and document storage systems so that public records are available online 24 hours a day for free. Trustees must also be willing to meet upon request with any member of the community who wants their voice to be heard.

Norwich has a bright future ahead, but we won’t reach it without your help. Will you join me in creating a model of local government that we can all be proud of? I am asking you to make a small contribution of $25-$100 now so I can create the campaign infrastructure needed to bring the change we need. Additionally, I am asking you to sign up for campaign updates or to volunteer via my website, www.ronaldholmes3rd.com. If you are more comfortable contributing by check, you can mail them to Friends of Ronald Holmes III, 4567 Ava Point, Hilliard, OH 43026

I look forward to working with all of Norwich Township’s residents and businesses to move Norwich forward.
Ronald Holmes III
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