Rural Majority
We believe that rural values are progressive values. Rural communities are where innovation, unmet needs and creativity collide to create resourceful communities. It’s the idea that we don’t need a lot to have a vibrant, meaningful life. It's this spirit, this desire to succeed on our own terms - to protect our rural way of life, to help our neighbors, and to educate our children and see our families thrive - that brings and keeps people here. Our government should strive for the same things. People first. Neighbors first. Our community first.

The Rural Majority Project started as a question: what if the “rural majority” was in a position to fight for its residents and communities with a strong voice at the table? What if we stopped seeing certain parts of our counties, the state, the country as too difficult to compete and made sure that voters always have a clear choice, no matter what the office?

It is said that by 2040 the U.S. Senate could be controlled by a "supermajority". That means that only 30% of the nation's population would be represented by 70% of the Senate. And that doesn't equate to a fair and balanced representative government. We believe the key to stopping this is for Democrats to be competitive in traditional republican strongholds - and let's face it, our democratic values get things done for rural communities too.

We are founded by residents of the Hudson Valley, Catskills and Mohawk Valley regions who have seen the damage of uncontested local Republican rule in our villages, towns and counties, and watched our voices lost to electing state representatives stuck in the minority. We support building an infrastructure for long term strategies to win back rural majorities and are dedicated to developing effective models that flip red seats to blue across the nation.

Our Mission: To build Democrats’ capacity in rural areas by running candidates in all levels of public office in traditionally "red" districts, expanding the electorate, growing local Democratic parties in rural areas, and implementing professional campaigns in rural Counties so that voters always have a choice and a voice.
Rural Majority State PAC
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