Yes on Proposition A is a collaborative response across city departments to fund three priorities: health and homelessness, parks and open spaces, and right-of-way repair. Proposition A comes at a critical moment for San Francisco and will aid immensely in our city’s economic recovery.

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Contributions are not tax-deductible. Yes on A is a primarily formed ballot measure committee supporting a bond measure on the November 2020 ballot which would fund the acquisition or improvement of property to address homelessness, parks and streets. The committee may accept contributions of any amount from individuals, corporations, labor unions, PACs, etc., but may not accept contributions from foreign nationals or foreign government. The committee also may not deposit your check without the information requested above, and may not accept cash, cashier’s checks or money orders of $100 or more. Contributors must make contributions with their own funds and not from funds provided by another person for the purpose of making the contribution unless the true source is disclosed to the committee.

Ad paid for by Yes on A. Committee major funding from:
1. John Pritzker ($250,000)
2. Chris Larsen ($250,000)
3. Bernard Osher ($100,000)
Financial disclosures are available at