Preserve our Future; Sarah Nappa for Town Board - Southold, New York
My name is Sarah Nappa, I'm running for Southold Town Board and I need your help. Together we can build a government that works for everyone in our community with a vision to Preserve our Future.

I am running for Town Board alongside a Democratic Slate of passionate and dynamic people, some with young children and broad personal, business, and life experiences. We are at a tipping point and feel a sense of urgency as members of our community. Urgency for the need to preserve a young family's economic ability to live here. Urgency to preserve our schools & teachers by making it possible for families to stay and increase our enrollment. Urgency to preserve our small businesses and small farmers who represent the unique and rural character of this place. Urgency to preserve as much land as possible from residential development and preserve our environment for future generations.

I personally promise to change the culture of our government and bring back civility. I promise to treat all of our citizens with respect, with kindness, and with empathy in all the ways that our neighbors interact with our government. I promise to work for all members of our community to build a local government we all want to actively take part in and are proud of.

My personal campaign receives no direct funding from the Democratic Party, locally, regionally, or nationally. This is a true grass-roots effort and I am starting from scratch. I need to raise money now to fund marketing efforts, print materials, and road signs. At the local political level individual contribution limits are low and small donations go a long way, so any amount helps.

If you have any questions on donations and requirements or if you would like to write a check and not use this platform please email us at SoutholdforSarah@gmail.com. If you prefer to donate your time, we need your help and would love to hear from you!

Please follow our campaign on Facebook @sarahnappaforsoutholdtownboard and Instagram @sarahnappa_southold_town_board

Meet Sarah;

Sarah Nappa is a mom, small business owner, chef, service industry and wine industry professional with a broad agricultural background. Sarah is owner and farm operator of her home Farm and B&B in Southold with her husband, Anthony, and young sons, Leo and Enzo. Her extensive knowledge, expertise, and first-hand experience in several of the key industries in Southold Town gives her a fresh perspective on issues that concern our community on the North Fork. Expertise that is currently lacking in our town government.

She holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences in Animal & Equine Science from Colorado State University. She also has a Grand DiplĂ´me in Italian Culinary Arts, graduating first in her class and receiving the service excellence award.

Sarah enjoys skiing, sailing, and riding her horse. True to their Italian roots, she and her husband love food and wine and the bounty that the North Fork has to offer. On their 3-acre home farm they produce almost all of their own food. She raises chickens for eggs, Nigerian Dwarf goats for milk, some animals for meat, and keeps bees. She also has a small orchard and grows fruits and vegetables for their family. Sarah makes her own cheese, bread, and nearly everything else from scratch and is working toward getting their family as self-sustaining as possible and regenerating the land they have.
Sarah Nappa Democrat for Town of Southold Town Board (NY)
$6,028 raised from 68 pledges and donations
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