Help Blanchard Fight for Lenox
Scott Blanchard is a 24-year-old high school English teacher and a Canastota alumnus. He grew up here in Canastota and has lived there his whole life. Now, he is trying to serve his hometown in a new way by running for town council.

"I have three main issues that I'm really pushing for:
  • Accessibility.
  • Transparency.
  • Accountability.

As a town council member, I plan to make sure every person's voice can be heard. I will make myself available every day to hear the concerns people have; I'll take notes while we talk, research the issues, bring it to the board as soon as I can, and follow up with you afterward to explain what the town can do about it. Not everyone can attend the town board meetings where these issues get hashed out; work, friends, and family have to come first. I think your representatives should work hard to make it not just possible, but easy to have your concerns and ideas heard -- and to see what the town does to address them.

I was born here; I grew up in this town and I'm proud to call it home. I want to give back to the community and help make this town the best it can be. My first and foremost concern as a member of the town council will be to make sure our government is working for our working families. Your taxes should be low and your tax dollars should directly make your quality of life better. Whether it's helping bring in grant money for programs around town, or making sure potholes get filled in before they wreck your front axle, everything I do on the town council will be to make Lenox a better place to live.

At the local level, what matters is: who is going to do the job and who is going to do the job well? Who is going to work hard for you and keep your government accessible, transparent, and accountable? This year, that person is me. With your support with a small donation, talking to a neighbor, or a vote for Scott Blanchard, I know we'll win this on November 5th! "
Scott Blanchard Democrat for Lenox Town Council, At-Large District, 2019 (NY)
$669 raised from 22 pledges and donations
68% of $980 goal