Tammy Wendt for Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review
We did it! Thanks to your support, we made history electing Tammy Wendt as Commissioner to the Cook County Board of Review!

This accomplishment marks the first time a Democratic woman has ever served as Commissioner, and only the second time a woman has been elected to this position in the Board’s 83-year history!

More importantly, her election sent a message of hope to Cook County property owners concerned about whether their properties are assessed at a fair value.

Today is an unprecedented time for Cook County – many property owners are relocating in search of lower taxes. We can’t let this happen. We know what makes Cook County great is its diverse economy and the communities supported by our commercial and residential property owners.

Commissioner Wendt knows this too – she loves Cook County. That’s why she has lived and worked here her entire life, and continues to raise her family here today. She knows that fair valuations for EVERYONE are key to Cook County maintaining its premier residential and business communities.

Please help Commissioner Wendt continue her work by contributing to her campaign. Together we can ensure Cook County continues to be a great place to live and work!
Tammy Wendt for Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review