Tammy Wendt for Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review
Elect attorney Tammy Wendt, because the Board of Review needs a change. Tammy is not a politician ~ has never run for office before, and promises that she will do all she can to ensure all property tax appeals are decided fairly! Tammy is an attorney of almost 20 years with extensive real estate experience, and she is also a licensed real estate agent. Tammy has also owned her own property tax appeals business here in Cook County. Tammy knows real estate in all aspects. No one should be paying more than their fair share of property taxes.

Unfortunately, the assessor's office, who determines your property value, has overvalued properties and tax bills are disproportionate. This is why the Board of Review needs an unbiased review board to ensure that the assessor is doing their job.

Tammy wants to educate the taxpayers, bring efficiency to the office, ensure that taxpayers' properties are not overvalued resulting in a disproportionate tax share, and ensure that homeowners and tax appeal attorneys are all treated fairly. Let Tammy make a difference for the people of Cook County, not the politicians!

Enough is enough... let's make a change together!

Tammy Wendt was born and raised in the south suburbs of Chicago where she still lives today with her family. She is the daughter of a police officer, who had a huge impact on her career choice. Tammy is a true blue, South Side strong.

Tammy has been a licensed attorney for over 19 years. She has over 26 years of legal experience in the real estate field. Tammy owned a property tax appeals business and filed appeals on behalf of homeowners at multiple levels of the appeal process. She educated her clients about property valuation and tax calculation and received significant tax reductions for her clients.

Tammy is also a licensed real estate broker, as it helps having as many “tools in her toolbox” as possible when it comes to navigating all real estate matters.

Along with practicing in the area of real estate, Tammy also spent her entire legal career in courtrooms all over Cook County. She has seen the criminal justice system from all sides and has a deep understanding of how it works—and how it sometimes doesn't. Tammy has the experience and temperament necessary to be an elected official. She will dutifully and honorably serve her community.

Tammy began her legal career in the Office of the Cook County State's Attorney in 2000. During her four years as an assistant state's attorney, she served in a variety of positions. She began in the child support enforcement division, prosecuting cases in which parents failed to pay their child support, as well as paternity establishment cases. She also mediated cases between parents, so that children could receive adequate medical support. She was then promoted to the misdemeanor unit, where she prosecuted hundreds of misdemeanor-crime cases before judges and juries. Such crimes include: domestic violence, illegal drug offenses, DUI's, prostitution, sex crimes and assaults and attacks on police officers. She was promoted again to the preliminary hearings unit where she conducted probable cause hearings for a full range of felonies, from narcotics cases to murder. She also attended weekly grand jury indictment hearings for violent crimes, drug offenses and other felony cases.

In 2004 Tammy opened her own law firm, practicing in the areas of real estate closings, property tax appeals, criminal defense, expungements and estate planning. After 12 years in her own firm, Tammy joined forces with The Herbert Law Firm in 2016 where she still works today.

Tammy grew up in a blue-collar family in a blue-collar neighborhood. She waitressed starting in high school and worked her way through Moraine Valley and Trinity Christian Colleges, as well as through law school at John Marshall in Chicago. She is not afraid of hard work, often working two- and three jobs at once to provide for her family and pay her tuition.

After college, Tammy became a social worker for Catholic Charities in the family placement unit. She helped parents reunite with their children after they had lost custody. In 1993, Tammy worked as a paralegal for a private attorney, where she then decided she wanted to become a lawyer herself.

Tammy is the past president of the Southwest Bar Association, a member of the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois, the Illinois Real Estate Lawyers Association, a former member of the Illinois State Bar Association, Cook County Bar Association, the American Bar Association, the Chicago Bar Association, the South Suburban Bar Association, the West Suburban Bar Association, the Women's Bar Association, and the Women's Criminal Defense Bar Association.

Tammy lives with her family in Palos Heights. She spends much of her free time watching her son play sports, which includes lots of little league baseball!
Tammy Wendt for Commissioner of the Cook County Board of Review