Tavis Boise for Santa Barbara City Council's 2nd District
Hey y'all, my name is Tavis Boise and I am running for Santa Barbara City Council's 2nd District. The reason for my candidacy is simple, I want to create change. We live in a critical time as wealth inequality, corporate greed and government incompetence have threatened democracy, eroded the middle class and destroyed the environment on which we all rely.

Our city needs forward thinking policy that addresses these problems from a new perspective. A perspective that takes into consideration the essential functions of a city for the next generation. We have a duty to leave this world better than we found it for the sake of our children and their children.

We have a duty to ensure that Santa Barbara has secure and sustainable water sources in 20, 50, and 100 years.

We have a duty to make the economy work for everyone, so that corporations pay their fair share, and everyone employed has a livable wage.

We have a duty to protect and support nature and recognize the importance of all living systems.

We have a duty to ensure a stable climate, free from environmental degradation and pollution.

At a minimum we owe these and much more to future generations. And so I ask you to support my candidacy for Santa Barbara City Council, because we need leadership and public policy that takes decisive action in the presence of imminent and systemic threats.
Tavis Boise Democrat for Santa Barbara City Council (CA)
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