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A municipal utility gives Wakefield a unique ability to be able to think globally and act locally. As a Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Department (WMGLD) Commissioner, I will help WMGLD provide excellent service to the residents and businesses of Wakefield while making choices that provide us with reliable and sustainable sources of energy.

I'm currently a Senior Systems Engineer with DellEMC and focus on designing the appropriate systems to match client needs. My 18 years of experience as a technologist have equipped me with the right balance of analytical and relationship management skills that will be an invaluable addition to the WMGLD Board.

I have lived in Wakefield for almost ten years, and have gradually adapted my house to be more energy efficient. From installing Solar Panels to switching to energy-efficient LED lighting and utilizing smart Thermostats, I have consistently made decisions that build on more efficient, renewable energy, with effects that are profound both in long-term cost-savings, and in reducing my carbon footprint. Having advocated for these causes personally, I am well-qualified to bring my expertise and experience to the Board and the Community of Wakefield.

I see opportunities to: improve transparency and communications, maintain low rates, and think strategically to provide the best service to our town’s residents and businesses.

As a WMGLD Commissioner, I will focus on the following:

Energy efficiency: I will develop new energy-efficient programs for both residences and businesses.

Rate stability: Keep our town’s rates stable. I will help WMGLD strategically plan and prioritize infrastructure improvements and maintenance with an eye towards rate impacts.

Sustainability: Reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. I will increase the portion of renewable energy sources in our electricity mix.

I will be raising the majority of the funds for my campaign from the ground up, and would greatly appreciate your support. I am self-funding everything from Yard Signs to Web Hosting, and I am grateful to receive a Donation in Support of my Campaign.
Thomas Boettcher Unaffiliated for Wakefield Municipal Gas & Light Commissioner (MA)
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