Minnesota has a blueprint for democracy. You can read about it at Blueprint for Democracy. Minnesota enacted a public financing program more than 40 years ago. The current state public financing system consists of a grant to candidates who agree to spending limits. Contributors are eligible to receive up to $50 of their political contribution refunded by the state.

The influx of corporate money and wealthy investors combined with supreme court decisions like Citizens United has undermining our democratic process. Our representatives are bought and paid for. You can see for yourself which candidates agree to campaign spending limits.

Tim Davis and the Legal Marijuana Now Party support public control of our election process. Tim Davis is running for Minnesota State Auditor. He knows that public audits are the basis of government accountability. A critical function that should not be dominated by partisan politics.

Join the movement! Donate today and get you $50 refund for supporting public campaign finance. Pass it on. Share with the people you know.
Tim Davis