Slater for House District 56
Dear House District 56: An honest day's work is what you will get from me as your Representative in the Mississippi House of Representatives. Jackson doesn't work, that's no secret. House District 56 deserves a hardworking Representative who reflect the values of decency, honesty, transparency and loyalty so important to the voters in this District. I will work hard to make our public schools stronger, healthcare more accessible and to repair the roads and bridges in House District 56.

I've spent my career building a small business from scratch, realizing the American dream and fighting corruption in this State. I'll work in Jackson to ensure the American dream and values for all Mississippians and I will continue to fight corruption wherever it occurs.

Vote Vicki for House District 56. I'll work all day, every day, for you.
Vicki Slater for Mississippi Democrat for MS State House (56)