WCCW-We Can Change the World, one vote at a time!
WCCW! We Can Change the World is a Minnesota Political Committee based in Washington & Dakota Counties; our volunteers work to elect and support ethical, strong, progressive candidates who are serving in and running for state and local offices.

We were born of the Women’s March in 2017; we reached out, organized and made a community from the many people who wanted to make a difference in our elections. In the ensuing years, we have helped to recruit, support and elect 3 state Senators, 4 state Representatives and 7 local officials.

Now we are partnering with local groups, focused on helping our schools and students thrive by electing forward thinking School Boards. 200Strong in Hastings reflects the parents, neighbors, and friends who have come together to partner with WCCW to support ALL students and their teachers and districts.

We believe in making a difference by showing up, speaking out and taking action. Join us. Together, We Can Change the World, one vote at a time!

WCCW is responsible for the content of this page. PO Box 253, Bayport, MN 55003. WCCW-MN.org.
We Can Change the World State PAC