Wendy Gooditis for Delegate
Like millions of other Americans in 2017, Wendy decided that she had to get off the sidelines. She co-founded an Indivisible chapter in the predominantly red Clarke County, and grew the organization to over 300 members. She took her experience as a school teacher, community leader, and activist and ran and for the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017 and won! Now she's considered one of the top Republican targets of 2019 and the Koch Brothers have already decided to fund her opponent. To flip the Virginia Legislature this year, winning Wendy's district is a must.

She believes that our government should give everyone a fair shot. Virginia should be a place with job opportunities, safe roads, clean air, and equal opportunity. Wendy has the experience, perspective, and grit to continue representing District 10 in the Virginia House of Delegates.
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