A scientist, the leader we need
I'm a physicist, wife, and mother. I live in West Windsor, New Jersey. When I pass by the construction site at Bear Brook Rd, which was a farmland a year ago, I worry which farmland is the next to go and feel the urgency to preserve the remaining open spaces in West Windsor. When I hit the potholes in Bear Brook Rd before the Alexander Rd intersection, I'm concerned how many tires may be damaged by them and feel the necessity to maintain the roads at early stages to cut the road repair cost by 90%. When I shop at WooRi Mart, the new Korean supermarket by our Beautiful Pavilion, I hope it will survive and thrive in West Windsor.

As I enlist some of my own concerns that resonate with those of 2,000 West Windsor families with whom I spoke on my campaign trails, I hope to convey and act on their voices as a new member of our administration. I’m asking for your vote for the opportunity and privilege to act on our residents’ behalf by working as a council member, along with my running mates Shin-Yi Lin and Alison Miller.

Together with the new administration, I will gather information, analyze data, and communicate with residents to work on three major West Windsor issues: (1) Preserve the few farmland and open spaces we have left to limit future residential developments; (2) improve the quality and safety of our roads and our infrastructure; and (3) stabilize property taxes by introducing proven successful initiatives and programs and by attracting and growing community-building businesses. Please allow me the opportunity to serve our residents, and, our children for a greener future into our preserved open spaces.

Since 2019, I have raised $2,475 from 9 families (6 from West Windsor) and one local organization. This fund will cover the absolute campaign necessities such as campaign boards, mailing, paper, and printing. I hope you can help me to reach the $15,000 goal so I can effectively contribute to our deteriorating infrastructure, overdevelopment, and ever-increasing property taxes issues as a council member.
Yan Mei Wang Unaffiliated for West Windsor Township Council (NJ)
$125 raised from 5 donations
0% of $15,000 goal