Yes for Eugene Parks and Recreation

Donate to the campaign to approve the five-year Eugene Parks and Recreation Operations and Maintenance local option levy, Measure 20-343.

Our parks and recreational facilities greatly contribute to the exceptional quality of life we cherish and bolster our community's well-being. The pandemic reminded us just how vital these public spaces are for stress relief, socializing with loved ones, and promoting a strong sense of community.

This levy protects our large investment in parks and recreation at a cost of $5.38 per month for the average home owner. The levy will improve safety, address camping issues, restore habitat, reduce wildfire risk, maintain the sports fields, and provide health and fitness programs.

Please contribute. Help us bring this message to voters to gain their approval. Together, let's keep Eugene a vibrant, thriving community.

If you wish to write a check, instead of donating here on line, make the check payable to: "Yes for Eugene Parks and Recreation". Mail it to:

Attention Treasurer
PO Box 11618
Eugene, OR. 97440

Please provide your occupation, employer, and employer’s address as required by Oregon election law. If you are retired or unemployed, please state that.
Yes for Eugene Parks and Recreation